Earlier this week,

I was going off a little bit on a class that was wasting time instead of doing what they were asked to do. My back to the whiteboard, I stood looking out across the class, and in the middle of a sentence, I suddenly saw a huge bird on the window ledge. A defunct air conditioner fills most of that window, leaving less than a foot on either side of it. A metal gate protects children from jumping or being pushed or accidently falling out of this fifth floor window, and the gate is cut to go around the AC unit. Pigeons squeeze under the bottom and around the sides of the gate to roost on the windowsill and nest there. We’ve had eggs and baby birds all spring, though this year we didn’t see them hatch, as they did in a previous year.  I’m looking at the window and lecturing the class, when I see a bird, light brown, tawny, much too big to be a pigeon, and mid-sentence, I realize it’s a hawk! The shade is down part way, further obscuring the view, and the whole bird is larger than the little square of window, but it’s unmistakably a hawk.

Okay, everyone, I want to show you something but you have to be very, very quiet and still and not jump up or shout…

I point them towards the window. They try to be quiet, but there’s a commotion anyway. Kids in the back of the room, who can’t see that section of the window, rush forward. I walk very slowly closer to the window, but the hawk takes off, lands briefly in another window, then flies away. Some of us get one last, momentary look at the whole bird as it soars by – others never glimpsed it at all.

The tension is defused. I send the kids back to work.


I found an apartment to move into in Brooklyn at the end of the month. But as soon as I had that out of the way, talent show rehearsals started, and I did something to my back (posture-while-typing-related), so now my afternoons go roughly like this: Monday – physical therapy, Tuesday – doctor or lab for x-rays/MRI or if I’m lucky, gym, Wednesday – physical therapy, Thursday – leave home at 7, talent show then gym then writing class, home at 11, bed, Friday – time with people I really like. Somewhere in there I have to do things like feed myself, do schoolwork, complete assignments for my class… Running doesn’t make my back worse so I’m sticking to the 10K plan as best I can – it’s marvelous to feel myself getting faster and breathing more smoothly. Anyway, I’m not saying any of this to garner sympathy or over-share, just to explain my neglect of the blog.

I’m reading a fascinating book; here are some bits & pieces. I wish I could fit an Arabic or Greek (classical) class into my schedule and finances. You know, after the French and Spanish classes I want to take. Ha ha.


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  1. wow, a hawk – what an exciting thing to see!

    so sorry to hear about your back–hope you get better quickly. glad to hear about your running progress too.

    and goodness, I feel worn out just reading about your weeks… so I hope you have a little down time to relax in there too. 🙂

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