Hell. Freezes. Over.

I have agreed to organize a talent show, a.k.a., “M.S. 999X Idol / So You Think You Can Dance?” This was on my never list pretty much since I started teaching. Maybe it’s because there’s no possible way I can ever be asked to do it again that I suddenly feel liberated to give it a try. Maybe it’s because the kids want it and I want something fun for them, since this year’s been kinda rough on everyone. Maybe it’s because if I have to watch the darn thing, I want to make sure it’s watch-able (control freak: yes). Auditions in two weeks, kiddies.


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One response to “Hell. Freezes. Over.

  1. bob

    One suggestion is no lip synchs; another is that you have the right to say no to an act.

    I never brought talent shows up myself, only assenting if one or more kids said they would be in charge with my guidance.

    They can be fun until you have a couple of 3rd grade groups or younger doing “Tell me what you want, what you really really want …” poorly and with lip synching.

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