Um, never mind.

First day back.   I tried to wrap up part of a unit before the break but didn’t make it, so I left the kids with an article to read and questions to answer, mostly to keep their heads in the game because I only wanted to do one day of review, then a quiz, then onwards to density and convection.  The pouring rain didn’t help attendance today, and many kids had not done the homework.  It was a sluggish and disjointed way to start the week back, but we made it through.  Quiz tomorrow and then some fun stuff involving liquids of different densities.

Mistress of the off-the-cuff-analogy, I found myself describing to the kids those sleep-over-camp chains where one person lies with her head on her friend’s belly, and someone else’s head on her belly, and so on.  Someone laughs and pretty soon the laugh takes off down the chain.  It’s not even a very good analogy for conduction.  The kids just stared at me and made goofy noises as I trailed off.  Win some, lose some.  I think a few of them were trying to figure out if I’d told them about something inappropriate.

Third run today in my 10K training plan.  I walked for an hour twice last week in addition to my two runs.  Today, miraculously, felt a lot easier, my legs loose, breathing smoother, much less desire to back off on the speed or just walk right off the treadmill.  Watched some awful MTV dating show called NeXt, gave it up when the caveman costumes came out; where is DanceCrew when I need it?



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2 responses to “Um, never mind.

  1. MTV–the new interesting show is The Paper. Reality show about a new Editor in Chief of a high school paper. Well, I can sort of relate to my yearbook days.

  2. I gave up on MTV a long time ago!

    And have you been to the Super Runner’s Store yet? They have a location on both sides of Manhattan, I believe but the store is neat because the people there are trained to check your feet for pronation and recommend sneakers, which then they let you try out by giving them a run around the block.

    Let us know which 10K you decided to run. We’ll come throw water on you or something.

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