Vacation is winding to a close,

and I actually have a fair amount to show for it.  I’ve been writing a lot.  A friend sent me a list of magazines and other outlets that pay for essays, and I actually wrote and edited a couple and sent them off.  I think one has a decent chance of being published, the other is probably a long shot but I’m treating this as a “getting your feet wet” moment.  (Just for fun, I also sent two “micro-essays” – 50 words or less, it’s really a form of poetry – to Common Ties).  I need clips.  Next year, I’m writing for a living.  Not all freelance, I will have a full-time job, but the freelance will be important for both financial and personal reasons.  It’s a little scary, this huge change that’s approaching.  I used to really disdain that idea that writers “have been writing since they could hold a pen” but, to tell you the truth, I have been writing, in one form or another, most of my life.  I wrote back and forth to pen-pals, kept (generally short-lived) journals, wrote fiction and poetry – lots of poetry – for literary magazines.  Sometime in college, maybe earlier, I realized I wasn’t going to cut it as a poet or fiction writer.  It wasn’t a disappointment, just a realistic assessment.  I gave journalism a try, writing for the Stanford Daily, but after the six articles necessary to get paid, I stopped accepting assignments.  The editor would call in the middle of the night, wanting something for the next day’s paper, coverage of an event happening that coming morning.  People who wanted it badly enough made it work.  Out of college, I wrote a little poetry again, and then I found blogging.  Here I am today, writing more of a need than it ever was.  Yet it still feels a little presumptuous to imagine that I could make a living at it.

But this post wasn’t going to be an announcement, just a recognition of the need to get some schoolwork done this weekend.  Two days left, then back to school.  I did a big chunk of grading early in the week, but that, by itself, is not enough, there’s planning and entering grades into the computer and ordering stuff for my chem enrichment class and a half-dozen little tasks that continuously get pushed aside.

I’m close to finding an apartment, I think, though everything could fall through.  I made the mistake of moving into one in my mind, a couple of weeks back, leading to devastation when someone else got the place.  Anyone out there live in Sunset Park or Bayridge and care to comment on your ‘hood?

Finally, because it’s that kind of year, I’ve decided to train for a 10K in August.  I haven’t found the race yet, just the goal.  I’m inspired by my sister, who ran “bandit” in the Boston Marathon this past weekend.  She did it in just under four hours!  That’s so impressive.  I’ve always thought pulling off a ten-minute mile for 26.2 miles would be an achievement; to give you some perspective, 10 minute miles would mean a 4 hour and 22 min. marathon.  My plan is to run two or three days every week, and to do one additional workout every week, whether it’s yoga or bellydance or walking or whatever.  I already ran two days this week, and walked for an hour yesterday.  I have that lovely tightness in my legs that makes you want to just sack out in front of the TV, to hell with exercise.  Push on.



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3 responses to “Vacation is winding to a close,

  1. great post. life sounds good.

    i never lived in bay ridge or sunset park but here’s what i’ve heard. bay ridge is very family-oriented, lots of italians and irish, and i’ve been there–it has a suburban feel, like much of brooklyn.
    from what i’ve seen of sunset park, it’s grittier and a bit industrial than it’s south slope neighbor but moving up as south slope gets pushed into sunset park.

    n/r train serves both, so the commute is fairly easy, if not a bit long, depending on how far out you live. my friend, who lives in bay ridge, takes the express bus into the city.

    good luck on the writing venture. i’m excited for you!!

  2. congratulations on so many fronts! the new venture next year sounds very exciting. let us know how the freelance gigs go!
    and good job getting a head start on school stuff over the break too. 🙂

  3. Hey,
    I also wish you many congrats on big decisions. What finally tipped you over to consider a different career (even though I’m sure teaching will still be the money-maker for a while)?
    I also feel (mostly) excited about leaving teaching… well, not leaving it, but leaving it as my “career.” For a safe job, it’s never been stable for me, so why should I stay?
    Keep us posted!
    kisses from SoCal,

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