So much going on…. more dramatic events with students (kids removed from the school in handcuffs for damaging city property), grades due last week, house guest last week, visiting apartments all over the city (though mostly in Brooklyn, which makes for at least an hour’s journey from where I am now to spend 10 minutes chatting with a stranger, only to decide the place is too small, not my style, too expensive, too fratty, too arty, too dirty, or in a neighborhood I hate), a couple of big tests/projects to grade, a friend’s thesis to edit, personal essay homework assignments to do… I barely have time to eat, let alone blog.  Change is time-consuming.  Also, why does spring keep teasing us?  I’m ready for a run of 4 sunny, warm days in a row.


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  1. Well, it looks like your wish is gonna come true:

    Wed: 68 degrees and sunny
    Thurs: 74 degrees and sunny
    Fri: 77 degrees and sunny
    Sat: 70 degrees and mostly sunny

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