God owed us a field trip to beat all field trips…

because everything was awesome.  SonyWonder, which is largely under renovation and not accepting field trip groups, had no problem with three “families” of one adult and four children.  We entered without incident, the kids had a blast playing Playstation games, designing a video trailer, and playing electronic “instruments” along with a video of BowWow.  Personally, I think the so-called creative elements of the place are actually quite limiting, mostly just following directions and, at most, choosing from a few options and combining them in new ways.  Maybe it’s better when not being renovated?  But the kids had a great time.  From there, we went to Chelsea to visit the studio of a man who makes violins, violas, cellos, etc. for concert musicians.  It was incredible… he had a real way with the kids, walked them through the process of building a musical instrument, answered their myriad questions with inspiring thoughts about the value of learning as many things as possible and finding a career that you feel passionate about.  Even the other chaperones were impressed by his talk, and time flew by.

Meanwhile, the creative writing enrichment group was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, then responding to it in writing.  The pouring rain stopped before they arrived, and who was on the bridge but the entire NY Giants team, filming a commercial… The kids got to talk to the Giants!  And the entrepreneurship group went to Wall St. and visited the corporate headquarters of… SweetRiot – a chocolate company.  I didn’t hear much about the other groups’ experiences but as far as I know, everyone had a fantastic day.

Clearly, we had some karma coming to us.



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2 responses to “God owed us a field trip to beat all field trips…

  1. Karma indeed! Way to be sneaky at Sony, your strategy made me laugh. Cheers to 2.5 more months of school and hopefully a few more field trips like this one!

  2. what a fantastic day, for the kiddos and for you!

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