Kloe wants to know what you’re missing, what you’ve lost… real or metaphorical.   Go to her site and drop her a line, or answer on your blog.

Because I was in Turkey for a year, I’ve lost some of my connectedness in NYC, some of my sense of being in-the-know.  I’ve lost a half-dozen single earrings.  I’ve lost one book, one necklace, and one bowl, though I know exactly where they are.  I lost one cake to a disaster.  One friend to Paris.  Another to Vancouver.  My cat’s lost several teeth.  I lost a whole lot of markers, scissors, and other school supplies during the Science Exp0 prep day.  Over the years I’ve lost the friends and acquaintances that you lose when you end relationships.  I also lost certain loved places and at least one band to the end of  relationships.  I’ve lost hours, maybe weeks, to the internet. 😉  I lost a pet once, briefly, only to find her again, several panicked hours later, three floors up chillin’ on the neighbors’ fire escape.  I lost weight, but also flexibility and muscle tone, when I lost my yoga studio.  My family once lost a camera in the Ben & Jerry’s Factory.  I lost the same hat twice last year, both times in historical places in Turkey.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy it a third time.

With change and introspection has come perhaps a loss of perspective on where life is going, and some loss of confidence, but with change and introspection will also come that thing called wisdom, one day.  Change is loss, but it’s also gain, like the cliche about losing a daughter but gaining a son-in-law or whatever… in that sense (not the marriage sense), I am soon to be losing one way of life and gaining another, losing certainties and gaining opportunities… but more on all that later.


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  1. Thanks, your answers are great. Will keep you posted on how the project goes.
    My life is also all about loss now, but although it’s hard, it’s also thrilling in many ways, because a void is always filled.

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