Okay… there should be a real post here, blah blah blah about my history with writing classes, but I have a nasty sore throat and my enthusiasm for any sort of effort whatsoever is at a bare minimum, so let me cut to the chase: I just registered for an 8 week class at MediaBistro: Personal Essay Boot Camp.  My first assignment is a short first-person piece on a time I felt like an outsider.  Grown-up learning.  Sweet.



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3 responses to “Workshop

  1. wordwitch

    I almost enrolled in that. How is it?

  2. That’s exciting! I’ve been wanting to take a writing class since I completed my degree in writing. Something about writing in a workshop atmosphere makes it bigger.

  3. Hi Ms. F:
    Would love for you to answer my questionaire about what is missing in your life (serious or light). Also if you’re still in contact with any of the others from Turkey, could you pass it on?

    Here’s the link (English is below Turkish):

    love from SoCal…

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