I love NY,

because I get to wait on the sidewalk with 60 kids as our schoolbuses arrive 30 minutes late, which makes us that late to a performance of Romeo & Juliet that turns out to be a little, um, mature for the sixth graders (sure, it’s a sexy play, but a 5 minute stripper dance?  really?  you DID advertise this for kids!) although the kids LOVE IT and not just because it’s sexy and violent, they also get emotionally involved and shout “No!” as Juliet sinks the dagger into her chest, and then when we get back to school, a full hour late, one of the kids who didn’t get to go and who, frankly, scares me a little (which is not something I say often), looks me straight in the eye and tells me, in front of 10 other not-so-awesomely-behaved kids, that my face is ugly &c. &c., which I don’t take personally but what does bother me a little is that all the other kids egg him on, laughing and encouraging him to keep going.  Not my usual relationship with kids.  Sure, it’s not personal, but it’s hard to get insulted as part of your job.  And then school ends and I wait 40 minutes with a student for her special bus which is 40 minutes late, so the gym is out, so I go downtown with colleagues and end up getting soaking wet and sucked into a volunteer opportunity which is a really positive thing IF you are planning on doing it, cut out early, get soaking wet again, meet friends for dinner, get soaking wet again, come home and fall over into my bed.  Ah, Fridays!  Not all bad – some really good (like when I teach a group of kids to say “zwounds!” a la Shakespeare, and they walk out of class exclaiming it to each other) – but overall, pretty much ridiculous.

So today is paying bills, relaxing, and another cake.  Will post pics when I have them, though my camera is still broken, so it’ll have to be camera phone.  It’s still raining, rain is rushing down the streets and into and over and through the cracks, dips, and curbs, and all I can think is that it might be a good time to invest in an ark.



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2 responses to “I love NY,

  1. 15 more years

    We took the 8th grade to see Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday. They were very well behaved, but most of them hated it, actually. This didn’t come from my kids, but one group of kids was chanting, “kill yourself, KILL YOURSELF!” when Juliet was holding the dagger (and wasn’t she awful by the way? I felt like she was the week link in the show- maybe that’s why the kids applauded when she died).

    I’ve seen the Theatreworks production several times. Do you remember the poles on the stage? The first time I saw they were actually used for pole dancing!! So that stripper dance was tame by comparision. And one of the special ed girls told me when we got back, “there was too much kissing in that show”.

  2. And I was hoping that title would end up being sincere. 😦
    Did you do anything about that a$$hole kid?? What nerve!
    I bet the sunshine was extra sunny for you today after all that soaking!

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