Covering an afterschool Spanish class today,

and just chatting with the kids, who were engaged with doing their homework and/or cutting out articles from a Spanish-language daily, topics ranged from the problems with a 14-year-old girl having a relationship (not to mention a baby) with a 28-year-old man – this because the (outraged!) kids were reading an article about the baby left in a cab a few days ago – to whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is better and why, to whether the operation to get one’s tubes tied is safer than getting a vasectomy, and how those differ from abortion (thank god THAT conversation got cut short by the real teacher’s return), to the kids’ favorite political cartoons (they are studying them in Social Studies) and what they mean and how much the caricature of Bush makes him look like an elf, to whether or not Ms. Frizzle should go to the gym given that she hasn’t slept nearly enough in days and also never got to eat lunch today (sing it: I fought the copier… and the copier won…), to how my explanation of why the Bush administration* won’t let pictures of American servicemen killed in action be shown in the media was the same as their social studies teacher’s explanation (all teachers think alike!).  Phew.  It’s fun just talking to the kids.  They have interesting things to say.  Later, when I decided to go book-shopping (The Outlaw Bible of American Essays, The Paris Review Book of Heartbreak….etc., Lost City Radio, The Omnivore’s Dilemma) after school with another teacher instead of going to the gym, the kids agreed that really I was just avoiding the gym but that books are good so it was okay.

*This is the only administration these kids can remember.  One confessed that she still mixes up George Bush with George Washington sometimes.  Which is less appalling when you realize all presidents’ names start with George in her experience…


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  1. Speaking of copier fights…

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