So true, so true…

From a NY Times piece on how NYC real estate affects people’s relationship choices:

Dr. Schwartz works with couples across the United States and says she has met people who want to avoid driving more than an hour for a relationship. “But that’s nothing like what I hear from New Yorkers, who say things like, ‘I can’t be more than 20 minutes away,’ and ‘I’m not interested in meeting anybody I have to move for,’ ” she said, adding that they mean having to go uptown or crosstown. It’s a stance she calls “bizarrely limiting.”

You can only understand this if you live here, and yet, it is bizarrely limiting.  Living as far uptown as I do, it’s a lot harder to convince anyone to come up to my place – even old friends!  Living more centrally or near others means you can drop by on a weeknight or a whim; living farther away makes everything planned.  But some people get too wrapped up in one neighborhood and forget to explore: part of the reason I love this city is that you can find most of what you need in any neighborhood, but you can find so many things you want if you look around a little.  And yes, identity plays a role in where you choose to live: but so does economics.


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