The phrase is “letting your hair down,” relaxing, letting it all hang out, having a little fun.  For me, though, it should be “taking your shoes off.”  I love the feeling of releasing my feet from my shoes, wiggling my toes, curling my feet underneath me.  Not until then can I truly relax.  At school, I sometimes find myself in rare moments of calm sitting crosslegged at a student table, sunlight ricocheting off the walls, my work in front of me and my shoes empty beneath the chair.

What is it for you?  Changing into sweats or PJs or a cozy sweater?  Kicking off your shoes?  Taking your hair out of that bun?  For a lot of guys I’m sure it’s related to the necktie…



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2 responses to “Shoeless

  1. I’m a designer. I wear sweaters, t-shirts and jeans. Even nice dress shirts sometimes. Never ties. Never ever. It’s still a relief on those occasions I DO have to remove them, so I do understand.

  2. VWB

    shoes…I’m home if my shoes are off!
    but I only do it at home…and find it very weird when folks do it in other places!

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