Chocolate Genoise

chocolate & cherries 2

Here’s the finished chocolate genoise cake from a week ago.  I didn’t have time to make cherry mousse and let it set, so I filled the cake with cherry preserves instead, and ringed the edges with thawed frozen cherries.  A spring version of this cake would feature fresh cherries and be much more elegant and delicious.  Also, although I was careful to fold in the chocolate carefully, it still partially collapsed the egg structure necessary for a light and airy genoise, so it was a little dense.  The chocolate glaze was lovely, though, and made way too much, so I ate it by the spoonful for days afterwards…


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  1. I have used the cherry preserves to great effect in Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies (swirled on the top) when I leave out the walnuts. You have to adjust the cooking time a bit.
    Your cake looks stunning!

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