Oh! Get this!

Skoolboy’s post reminded me of this little nugget: the quality reviewer coming to our school wants to visit approximately 9 classes. Time allotted for these observations of teaching? 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes, people. Nine classes.



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3 responses to “Oh! Get this!

  1. 15 more years

    Sounds good to me- ours is staying for two days. Administration is making us all physically sick- but my AP already assured me we can all go out and either a) drink heavily to celebrate, or b) drink heavily to ease the pain.

    I’ve already been told that he will be spending time in my room. They got me so crazed today I can’t even think straight.

  2. when I got observed by the SQR entourage, it involved EIGHT PEOPLE shuffling in, cramming themselves into the corner of my room to watch for about 80 seconds, and then shuffling out. argh.

  3. heh. Maybe they should change their name to Kwalitee Reevue.

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