That. Green. Dress.

Or, the post in which we reveal the full depths of our shallowness.

I finally saw “Atonement” this weekend. I loved the book but had forgotten how devastatingly sad the story is… it slowly came back to me as one scene unfolded after another. It’s been a while and I may be forgetting, but the film struck me as remarkably true to the book. While it was beautiful, the thing that struck me most was the way they set the mood in each segment of the film: the restlessness, heat, and tension of the first scenes, the strangeness of the beach as the soldiers await ships to take them home…

keira green dress

But! What this post is really about is Keira Knightley’s dress. You know, the green one? Because I want that dress. (Apparently I am not alone). But all the knock-offs I can find on-line fall short by a mile – wrong color, too shiny, too formal looking (the dress seemed effortless on Knightley, something she just threw on, in the way that beautiful people can throw on beautiful clothes and make them seem perfectly natural), or they’ve chickened out on the back. One website points to a pattern that’s the closest thing I’ve seen, and I am honestly thinking about making this dress. Not that I have a sewing machine or anything resembling the sewing skills that would require. But if I found the right fabric…. I love that color green. And Keira Knightley and I are similarly tall and skinny though that’s pretty much where the similarity ends, she being a gorgeous movie actress and all.



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2 responses to “That. Green. Dress.

  1. I once found an amazing dress in a magazine that I wanted … I took it to a seamstress and she made the exact dress just from the picture. She was pretty amazing. Perhaps there is an amazing seamstress in your city 🙂

  2. I, too, read the book ages ago and just saw the movie this weekend. I have a great ability to forget endings of movies and books so although I basically remembered what happened throughout the book the ending was once again a surprise to me.

    I LOVED the green dress too!

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