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I get this email in my flickr inbox, asking if my photos can be used by a group fighting Ontario’s ban on clotheslines. Those who like the smell of clothing whipped dry by the breezes and who appreciate the energy savings therein are fighting the ban. I happen to think clotheslines are beautiful.


It’s funny how just when you get all excited about how planned and joyful your life is going to be, how when you decide to more consciously choose how to spend your days, someone – while generally encouraging the idea – gently questions whether this is not, in fact, yet another facet of perfectionism.  Which makes you, possibly, just a little defensive, because you know that you can’t choose how you spend every moment, that you will, inevitably, spend time spacing out, that mornings will pass with nothing done but the coffee made and the email read, because … oh crap.  Because you are so perfectionistic that it is not enough to practice intentionality, you must also balance that with perfect acceptance of your own fallability.  It’s a hall of mirrors, folks, it really is!


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