The New Teacher Project

Anyone know anything about this organization?  What’s the word on the street?(Okay, five seconds of research reveals they originated the Teaching Fellows program and have since expanded beyond to provide a range of services and publications about urban recruitment and retainment of teachers… but I’m still interested in the word on the street.) 



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5 responses to “The New Teacher Project

  1. from the website, i judge it to be very institution-oriented and if you look at the Teach link, it just lists the different TF programs, including NYC Teaching Fellows, so it seems to be they are just another recruiting tool that the DOE can use.

  2. Rachel

    I’m not familiar with this organization, except enough to figure out that it is different from the New Teacher Center associated with the University of California, Santa Cruz, which in turn has its own “New Teacher Project.” Just thought I’d pass that on to save you confusion down the line…

  3. I have a vague memory of meeting with this group a few years ago when I was still in ed reform. I think Wendy Kopp of TFA is on their board.

  4. andy

    Before she was appointed chancellor of the DC public school system a few months ago, Michelle Rhee, that was Michelle Rhee’s organization.

  5. Big fan. I’ve worked three summers with Oakland Teaching Fellows, and everyone I’ve met has been tops.

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