Probably my first click-through ever,

advertised at the top of my gmail, Botanical Paperworks, where you can buy stationery that the addressee can plant and it will grow into wildflowers with a little water and sunshine!  I’m looking for postcards, which they don’t seem to have, but they do have invitations, wedding stationery, greeting cards, and plain paper.

Oh, and while I’m doing a little product placement, allow me to wax nostalgic for a moment about one of the joys of my childhood: sneaking Kraft Singles out of my grandma’s summer house fridge, standing on the narrow expanse of sand beside the lake and unpeeling them one at a time, rolling them up, biting holes in them, just enjoying their unique smoothness, their perfect cleavage and fracture (in the geological sense), the creamy chewiness or crispy creaminess or perhaps chewy crispiness of their texture. Ah, Kraft Singles! (Had we ever been allowed them on a regular basis, I imagine the novelty might have worn off. As it is, I’d probably still get a little psyched if I found some, unexpectedly, in my fridge). So, my friend thought this new item was real for an instant and shuddered about the decline of society, but I think they’d totally sell. I’m even going to spare you the pun about cheesiness…



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2 responses to “Probably my first click-through ever,

  1. I have some Kraft Singles in my fridge right now (and I never buy them normally). I was having a craving for that classic grilled cheese and tomato soup last week.

  2. yvonne

    i only find them acceptable on a burger. because even though cheddar sounds more appealing, only processed cheese can make it taste absolutely right. cheddar seems to sneak into the background of flavours like a wallflower at a dance.

    a good grilled cheese is faboo, but for the time when i allow myself to indulge in something that is essentially toast, i reach for the fontina, gruyere, and comte. bliss.

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