My blog is happy!

And here’s why: the LEGO candy-sorter.  Not impressed?  Check out the chimney climber… or the Segway (this video wins for production values).  The crossbow is suspenseful fun…  Stuck on your Rubik’s Cube?  No need to resort to peeling off and switching the stickers!  And, relevant to an earlier postrobot vs. cat… (fun voiceover).Okay, so I know it’s lame that I can’t embed video to save my life, but please, please while away hours of your life by clicking on the links above.  You will immediately sign up to be a LEGO coach next year… really!  🙂 And while we’re on the topic, if you’re interested in seeing LEGO robots face off in real life, the NYC Tournament is in less than two weeks:Citywide Tournament at Riverbank State Park, Saturday January 26, 8-3 pm.  Free & open to the public!  I have a couple of events that day but am planning to stop by at least for an hour or two… I’d recommend 11-2 as the time to go… after 2 you will have most likely missed the action, prior to 11 is just too early for a weekend! (Maybe you’re an early bird? Things probably won’t get going on the tables until 9:30 if the Bronx tournament was any indication). 


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  1. If you’ll be around at the end of the day we will probably have extra field set up kits to give away. Let me know if you want me to save one for you.

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