The most neurotic cat in the world…

Hey, remember Friday Cat Blogging?  Does that go on any more?  (Yes.) I vaguely remember it being a little controversial, like, dude, I read your site for the political analysis, I don’t give a hoot about your cat.  Clearly the sort of hard-nosed opinion one would find among leading-edge readers of political blogs.  Then again it was also credited for “bringing people together” in the article linked above, and I can’t find the comments about it being dumb that I remember, so maybe I’ve reconsolidated my memories incorrectly?  Blogs have matured and now, it seems to me, people either blog about their cats once in a while, or they don’t, or they don’t have cats, or they don’t want you to know they have cats, and it’s all well and good, the world keeps turning.  But oh doesn’t having a fairly distant memory of a cyberspace “thing” make me feel old!  I mean, remember the dancing baby?  And I even go back to when you could type “chef” into your unix email thingie and it would encheferize, er, rewrite all the text to sound like the Swedish Chef.  Anyway, the really purpose of this post is not to ruminate and reminisce about ye olde internet, it’s to describe Valentine’s favorite game: sit on the table and cry every few seconds until it becomes so obnoxious that I lift her up, at which point she purrs, sits on my lap for a minute, then jumps off and repeats.  A variation – and I honestly can’t say which I like better – is when she stands on the corner of the couch, whines, reaches out and sinks her claws into my shoulder (sometimes it’s more of a swipe than a grab, but you get the idea).  Fun for all!  Now, the answer may seem obvious: Valentine needs more attention.  So, I sit on the floor and wave feathers at her, which keeps her avid interest for… 20 seconds.  Then she stalks off.  Well, what if I roll a ball with a bell in it, or toss a catnip-stuffed mouse her way?  Again, seconds of fun!So without actually solving the problem by giving her the QT she obviously needs in a way that she likes, instead I find myself reinforcing the whining and clawing behavior by picking her up when I can no longer ignore it one second longer… only to reinforce it again and again throughout the evening.  Um, help?  (and let me assure you, DOZENS of toys have been tried).



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6 responses to “The most neurotic cat in the world…

  1. I always liked the laser-pointer across-the-floor and up-the-wall trick. It sometimes let us watch TV for as much as 30 or 40 seconds, after we mastered the twitch-your-wrist-randomly-without-thinking skill required.

    Good luck.

  2. I had a cat named Valentine once. Now we have a cat named Toffee. I say maul your cat whenever, then she’ll leave off on the miaow-until-you-pick-her-up routine. Then again, maybe she won’t. Cats are perverse that way.

    Try to interest her in her tail.

  3. Cat boredom is reaching epidemic proportions in the US, and it’s starting to get ugly. The other day my boyfriend told me he can’t get a job outside the home because our cats will be bored. I told him they’ll be really entertained when we are homeless living on the street. Yeah, that’ll be real exciting for them.

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  5. Totally the laser pointer. It’s perfect.

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