California, $302, taxes & fees included.

What else is there to say?  MLK weekend, I’m there.  It’s been two years.  My soul needs this.  This is the cheapest fare I’ve found in four years.  And N. will take me here!



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5 responses to “California, $302, taxes & fees included.

  1. Gee, I feel like flying to the East Coast! 🙂

  2. Awesome! Go for it and take a lot of pictures when you go to Mission Pie, please!

  3. I’m a first year teacher in DC. During my planning, I frequently scour the internet for blogs of other inner city teachers. Somehow it’s encouraging just to know someone else’s job is as hard as yours. I just found you today and wanted to say, “hi.”

  4. Yay for a weekend away! have a fantastic time!

  5. Mission Pie is pretty awesome, right there in my hood. Before you hit the pie, cruise up to 30th and do Front Porch for dinner — West Indian meets SF. Big time.

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