Hard places for my head to inhabit…

When you feel at sea, getting stuff done can be an anchor.  Far worse for me is being stuck in unproductive mode, all the time.  I get the little things done.  The big things are sitting out there, and I know they’re there, and they aren’t going away.  And I have good work habits, much of the time – not amazing, but pretty good.  It’s just when a day or two of dithering becomes a week, becomes ten days, and every time I sit down to really hammer away at it the hours fritter off into nothing… I can’t explain it, but it’s way worse than simple moodiness, which holds, at least, the possibility of working through it.


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One response to “Hard places for my head to inhabit…

  1. Are you really being unproductive? Or are you letting the ideas foment in your head because you’re not ready to work on them yet?

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