Agree to disagree?

difference of opinion?
Two hygrometers, preset at the same factory, delivered in the same box, awakened in the same steamy bathroom (according to the instruction manual!). So you tell me: what’s the humidity?

And these are my attempt at capturing just how cheaply beautiful these things are, but they came out only so-so:




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4 responses to “Agree to disagree?

  1. Tracy

    sounds like you need a third one to decide 🙂

  2. Rachel

    That’s an interesting contrast of “precision” and “accuracy.”

  3. is this all in your apartment? for your sake I hope it’s closer to 40% than 30! if you have a couple thermometers lying around you could always rig up a psychrometer for a third opinion.

  4. I agree- get a couple of metal back thermometers, some gauze and a paper fan (and a humidity table)-and make a psychrometer- it’ll probably work better.

    The humidity is at least 60% in my apartment all the time- I envy you!

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