So many possible titles,

ranging from “oh my my” to “am I qualified for this?” to “good idea?/bad idea?” to “making change from the inside?”

Without committing to any of the above, I give you another job lead.

(Confirming my membership in the easily-amused-club, I am inexplicably tickled by the fact that all these jobs are coded “TWEE”).



Filed under education, midlife crisis, New York, politics, teaching

2 responses to “So many possible titles,

  1. X

    Dude, isn’t a little odd that teaching experience is preferred but NOT REQUIRED for that job?

  2. you know what is not at all twee about all those tweed jobs? that their starting salaries are 3 or 4 times as much as a teacher’s, and sometimes even 2x as much as the MAX a teacher will ever make in nyc! grrrr!

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