Wishes: 2008

1. To fall in love. And for it to be mutual, and lasting.

2. The right work-play balance, still with meaning and challenge.

3. To move (back?) to a neighborhood I love, to a place that when I come home, I just think, wow, I’m so lucky to be home here.

4. For Valentine to be healthy & to stop whining in the middle of the night.

5. A good, thoughtful leader elected President.

6. Closer & more honest & more relaxed relationships with family.

7. Much more savings. This one may be in direct conflict with #3!

8. New challenges, a sense of excitement, to create something meaningful in any sense of the word “create.”


Nothing may be fundamentally different, but may you feel a sense of newness and possibility as you begin the year.  And the days will get longer.


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