Man, my school could use someone like this full-time…

Tutors who help adolescent boys (typically) get organized.  Seriously, this could be a full-time job at my school.  Which might explain why all of us trying to do it in spare moments is not really working.


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One response to “Man, my school could use someone like this full-time…

  1. I think I could use something like this.

    When my daughter was early-high-school, before she reached the age of wanting to spend most of her time in her room, she fell into a habit of doing her homework in the middle of the living room floor. The floor was hardwood. She’d dump her bookbag out and arrange the contents around her in a semicircle, sorted by subject, and then go from one pile to the next in a clockwise direction. As each subject was finished, that stack went back in the bookbag. One advantage of this method was that her bookbag got emptied and re-organized every night. Another was that as she worked she could pace herself to finish everything. Another was that when she finished, her bookbag was packed with everything she needed and she had only to put it by the front door to pick up in the morning.

    I’m 47 years old and I can’t manage this kind of thing. It took me all day today to get my desk at work in order. In a couple of weeks it will be a mess again.

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