This is not a blog about movies but…

I’ve seen four good ones in as many days, two in theaters, two on DVD, so…

Juno:  Over-hyped (but how could it not be?) but hilarious.  Like the hype is saying, this is Ellen Page’s big break (because I don’t think Hard Candy was everyone’s cup of tea).  The dialogue is as witty as promised, after trying a little too hard at the very beginning.  Jennifer Garner channels (rips off?) Charlotte from Sex & the City in her crazy-baby-wanting-mama role.  Am I the only one who sees this?  Now my question is, will this spark the resurgence of the Moldy Peaches?  Because lots of people are going to google that song.

Persepolis: Just as great as you know it’s going to be.  When it ended, I was expecting another couple of hours, another couple of chapters.  It’s a story that’s absolutely particular to one woman’s experience, but universal in the struggle with identity that it portrays.  And her grandmother is fabulous.  Punk is not ded.

Once: An indie made in Ireland starring two real-life musicians (and the woman was only 19 when this film was made, I think!).  It’s a sweet story, could be too sweet but mostly avoids that, and the choices made in the end are brave but not expected.  I loved this in the same way that I loved Italian for Beginners.  But this one also has really good music.

Naked City: A 1948 film noir set in NYC.  There’s a frame voice-over about how it was all shot on location here.  I was multitasking while I watched it, but soon I wished I’d been paying more attention… there’s the Bronx courthouse in 1948, here’s the LES in 1948, I wanted them to slow down and show me what things looked like back then but of course the story moves on.


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