Hey school bloggers, need a job?

Get paid to do what you already do (only, more so). The skinny? You’d be launching a blog for The Open Planning Project, which already launched StreetsBlog, the roving reporter on everything to do with improving NYC’s streets, from transportation to community… The idea behind TOPP is to use the open-source model of software development as a basis for community improvement. Or something. The idea is tantalizing but I’ve only given their website a glance-over, enough to take in their gorgeous new graphic logo but not quite long enough to figure out if it’s available in t-shirt form. More time must be spent investigating (and perhaps tweaking that resume?), though I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical that they can really offer a blogger, described as likely being a “former teacher or principal,” a competitive salary and benefits… is there really that much money in web writing for a (non-profit?) start-up?  Not that I’m raking in the dough in teaching, but still…


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