Isn’t it weird…

how quickly you can get this new sense of excitement, maybe even of destiny, when you find something that is a perfect fit?  Even when you don’t even know enough to know… you just feel it.  Resume and cover letter are in the (e)mail.  The sky feels wider.  The time with the kids feels precious, the future that I take for granted that involves them, the robotics team, the cycle of learning (mine, theirs) that begins with each new unit and new year, the commitments I’ve made in my head and in casual comments, it all feels turned on its head… This when I have no idea if I’ll even get an interview, let alone an offer.  I think I’m in love with a job posting.  *wry smile*  And as long as we’re imagining, writing my name in script with a new title before it like girls (of the 1950s) write “Mrs. Future Husband,” mooning a bit, I will admit that my mind is reeling a bit at the possibility of moving for new love… just keep splashing cold water on me, it probably won’t happen, you’re not even free until August, you don’t even know if you’re ready to walk out of the classroom or the school you helped build or the city you love, toss that bucket of ice water over me, please!


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One response to “Isn’t it weird…

  1. Hi,
    All I can say is go when you are an uncomplicated and unencumber person. It’s so much harder to switch gears/move/take risks, when you have kids, house, etc etc etc.
    I envy you.

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