7 things &c. &c.

Eduwonkette encourages further navel-gazing from Ms. Frizzle: dangerous.  Here are the rules:

– Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
– Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
– Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
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It’s been long enough that I can’t remember what you already know about me, and over here I’m in the process of sharing more than you ever asked for, so really, what’s left for this meme?  Here goes:

1. I learned to write using a very early (I think) version of the Writer’s Workshop.  As I understand it, this was before the Reader’s Workshop had been conceived.  I was talking to an ELA teacher at my school about my early memories of Writer’s Workshop.  I remember that we always – always – wrote from experience.  It was all memoir, all the time.  The idea was that good writing comes from what you know.  I remember a lot of emphasis on writing a good lead sentence and on showing instead of telling.  I remember the drafting process and that at some stage in the game, we gave each other feedback on the writing we were doing, and later, we shared our finished pieces.  I remember being frustrated, at times, and trying to push the envelope by writing a research paper about the origins of Halloween rather than a story from my own experience.  I have to say this: maybe it was just me, but I never doubted, not for one minute, that I was a real writer with real stories to tell.

2. I’ve been eating meat occasionally since I got back from Turkey.  Basically, I only eat meat now when I’m at some fancy or off-the-beaten-path ethnic restaurant where vegetarianism is a paltry or nonexistent option, which turns out to be every few weeks!

3. My dad and brother are both in education, and my mom used to be, and my sister wants to be.

4. I don’t like driving.  Except, sometimes, on long lonely road trips after the first few hours are over with and I’ve had a lot of time to sit with my emotions and take in some scenery, then there’s a certain grace to the wheel.

5. I want to improve my interior decorating sense, which is very poor, but I’m not sure how.  This stuff can’t be read in a book and just learned as a set of rules, I feel like it has to be learned by seeing and absorbing, and then maybe reading to understand and interpret what has been seen.  Best design blogs (yes, I already know about apartment therapy)?

6. I played soccer in elementary school, but whenever I tried to head the ball, I’d end up with a nosebleed.  The British and Irish coaches who came to run clinics for a week every year and told long, awful jokes at the end of each session, were not impressed.  My dad was my coach the rest of the year.   Eventually I gave up and joined the cross-country running team in sixth grade, and later, track, and even later, cross-country skiing, and once, the school play (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead; I was Horatio).

7. I really can’t think of another.  Damn, you know everything there is to know!  Um, I’m pretty tall, like 5’10”?

Tagees:  Mildly Melancholy, Se Hace Camino al Andar, miss brave, School of Blog, Kloe Among the Turks, jd2718, NYC Public School Blue.



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6 responses to “7 things &c. &c.

  1. Unless you’re older than I think you are, you probably came closer to hitting the prime of writer’s workshop than the beginning. The National Writing Project, for example, started in the mid 70’s.

  2. iameduwonkette

    you’re a rockstar, ms. frizzle. and i love the new drawings – keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for the tag… disclaimer: I probably won’t get around to doing this meme until we start vacation. I’m having trouble thinking straight these days. LOL.

  4. Writer’s Workshop? VERY BIG in my M.Ed. (teacher certification) days and early teaching workshops. It wasn’t how I was taught to write though. My style in teaching writing is a mash-up of tradition, my journalism background and a bit of ww. Whew.

    My kids have had early ele teachers who used a true ww style done well. It was inspiring.

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