After approximately one hour of idle browsing, without necessarily even being committed to changing jobs, I think I’ve found the job I want next.  I think it’s even within reach, though a bit of a stretch.  Then again, who knows?  I’m not going to write about what it is, or where, except to say that the frustrating thing is that it’s not in NYC or SF, the two places nearest my heart.  But I will say this: it involves a good deal of leadership, professional development for science teachers, and it’s not in a school.  Eek, now what?!



Filed under confession, education, midlife crisis, randomness

6 responses to “OMG

  1. go for it! you can always decide you don’t want to do it when you actually get an offer, right?

  2. you should do it! do it! do it! do it!

  3. Go for it! Can’t wait to hear details!

  4. Where did you happen upon this opportunity?

  5. eduwonkette

    i think you should definitely apply. you sound really excited about it!

    btw – i’ve pulled you into an online version of the chain letter – read here for more:

  6. Wow, exciting! Definitely pursue it and see what happens!

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