They ask me about god…

they ask me about god.jpg



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2 responses to “They ask me about god…

  1. Jeri

    Ignore your hesitations that they may be indulgent; I love your drawings. Especially this one: it’s at the heart of a lot of why we stay on the ledge, isn’t it? There aren’t a lot of careers that offer this kind of real connection between people. What a priceless gift it is our students give us when they come to us with these thoughts. It’s a pretty good example of what some folks call “grace.”

  2. There’s a deep hunger in kids to know about everything–about the unprovable God, for example. This hunger to know is so great that they’ll even ask people who yell at them. That amazes us–but it doesn’t amaze the kids, because somehow they know that beyond our yelling we really do care about them and want them to find answers, even if we think there are no answers.

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