Is it wrong

to take a sick day just to clear some space in your head?



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9 responses to “Is it wrong

  1. Kristin

    No. They are part of your compensation package. Use them.

  2. Tim


    Mental health is equally important with physical health.

  3. Of course it’s wrong, if you ask most administrators. Better to listen to teachers on this one – if you need it, take it.

    In the long run, everyone is happier with an effective You there, even if they grumble about subs or coverages for one day.

  4. glenda

    Nope, I’m doing it today! There’s a reason people call them “mental health” days!

  5. Half of an entire floor in my building was absent today- enjoy the rest, you deserve it.

  6. It’s not wrong. It’s called a mental health day. I’m totally convinced that’s why we get one day a month (after the 16th, that is…).

  7. llm8167

    NOT. AT. ALL!

  8. Yay for mental health days! Hope it went well and you’re feeling a bit refreshed.

  9. No. Take care of yourself first or you can’t take care of your students.

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