Escape fantasies?

A.K.A. Winter’s requisite burn-out post #1.  Although arguably it’s #3.

Where would you go in a moment’s recklessness?  Puerto Rico?  Egypt?  Canada?

Set the table for twelve, light the candles, pour the wine, and walk away from it all.

Stay in New York: Work in a cafe – and another cafe, and a bar – to scrape together the money for rent?

What gives someone you just met the right to tell you you’re overworked?  What gives them the right to be right?  And how can you explain that you overwork yourself?



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5 responses to “Escape fantasies?

  1. llm8167

    Egypt for sure!

  2. Aw, sweetie, you sound so exhausted and worn out! I hope you can give yourself a break over the next couple weeks.

  3. I’ve been pondering the same exact thoughts.

  4. I found your website from fellow TFA (and alum) bloggers… I echo your and yomister’s sentiments. However, I don’t believe it’s anyone’s right to say that I’m overworked or that I work too hard. There are nicer, more helpful ways of saying that.

    Have fun in Egypt! 🙂 At least you can always get lost in a book or a movie — and there’s no jetlag!

    My best to you.

  5. Puerto Rico. All the fried appetizers I can eat on Luquillo beach.

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