Today: Nutshell

Rear-ended on the Cross-Bronx, 1 hour & no police, crick in the neck, late to work, field trip to Lehman College to see the totally disappointing Choco Orta Orchestra (too much talking, too little music), cigarettes & racism from a student, collected lab reports, lunch, lesson on writing a better procedure, covered enrichment cluster for absent special ed teacher and had an unexpected blast by tapping into her kids’ natural inclination for rhythm and pattern and movement, extra LEGO robotics session, one student has dropped out in some sort of sixth grade melodrama, well-wishes from many, kids not ready at all but off we go, frustrating lack of coherent weekend planning becomes clear in car on the way home, ditch it all and get a beer with colleague, okay, maybe TWO beers and salad and fries…, promise myself that one of these days I’ll get it together enough to cook an actual healthy MEAL, phone call from student desperate to set up a carpool to tournament tomorrow, phone call returned, home with suitcase full of robot parts and more, stop to buy batteries and poster paper, realize I left playing field mat at school by mistake, stop to get cash for cab to the tournament tomorrow so I don’t have to get up at 5:30, okay, NOW I’m home, curled up on couch with Glamour, still totally frustrated about inability to make plans with certain people, maybe I should just go to bed? Cat antibiotics first. Clean fridge? Nah. Bed.


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