I shouldn’t have just dropped the comment about vet bills in the last post without details.  Valentine has bad teeth, and I’m a bad mama who went off to Turkey without taking care of them (mainly because I didn’t have the cash at the time and didn’t know how urgent it was).  So Saturday morning, her cheek suddenly swelled up to the size of a small plum, and off we went to the vet’s office.  Turns out she had an abcessed tooth.  She spent the night in the hospital, had a couple of teeth removed and the abcess drained (and an EKG, for some reason), and is back at home recuperating, adorned in a chic plastic cone.  She’s a little grumpy about the whole thing (and even less graceful than usual) but is getting lots of TLC.  I think she’d probably be glad she missed the party if she knew how many people had been in here Saturday night…


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