Sneak Preview

tarts, originally uploaded by kellyv27.

Cranberry-ginger-pear tartlets. Sadly, I baked them ahead before receiving the excellent advice given on this blog’s comments (in my defense, this recipe was listed as one you can do ahead in the magazine… but I think, in retrospect, they meant you could make the tart dough ahead). So they are all frozen and will spend a few minutes in the oven later tonight, which will hopefully solve any soggy-crust issues.

Also on the menu:

a large apple-leek-Stilton cheese tart
artichoke dip
crispy polenta with wild mushroom ragout
little potato slices with romesco sauce
crostini with ricotta, lemon, & pepper
maybe a steamed gingerbread cake with eggnog creme anglaise

winter cocktails
mulled wine

I was supposed to cook more last night, but ended up having dinner with someone who just arrived back in town from a trip to Paris. It was a lovely dinner. So I’m up early to spend the day cooking, cleaning, and decorating.



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2 responses to “Sneak Preview

  1. ooh! i’m so looking forward to it. no eating for me today! i’m saving it all for tonight. heh.

  2. OMG, that all sounds so scrumptious and your tartlets look amazing! I wanna come for dinner 😛

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