Why teachers can never pick their noses in public…

I was standing in the dry cleaners waiting to pick up my clothes when the guy at the counter indicated that someone was in the window.  Sure enough, I turned around to see a lanky teenager grinning his head off and waving enthusiastically.  Problem: I have no idea who the kid was.  So either it was a mistaken identity, or a joke, or, most likely, a really quick moment with a kid I haven’t seen in years and would have recognized given a moment to take a good look at him.   This is going to happen more and more often, I think… and I confess to being terrified that I can’t remember 90% of my former students’ names… not that I don’t remember them, it’s just that they change, and I don’t see them anymore, and there have been hundreds of them.

(by the way, I did NOT pick my nose… it’s just a catchy title)


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  1. Tim

    My unfortunate reality is that I can only remember the really, really good students and the ones that, shall we say, struggled in some way. The memory of all of those children in the middle, the ones who never distinguished themselves in some unique way, tend to fade quickly as the years go on.

    On the other hand, my wife the music teacher, remembers and actually stays in contact with many of her former students. But then she spent more than an hour a day with many of them and interacted with her kids in a far different way than I did.

    And then there’s the fact that her kids elected to spend time in choir while many of my students would have paid to be doing anything other than Algebra. 🙂

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