High stakes questions

1. If I were to give up blogging altogether, would I…  

A. take a break and end up right back here, writing about teaching?

B. start a different kind of blog, perhaps more personal and less about education, or maybe about stuff I cook, or maybe about life in NYC?

C. do an artsy kind of thing before disappearing altogether?

D. replace blogging with knitting, learning guitar, and perhaps a paper journal?

2. Should restlessness lead to…

A. a new job, same career, same city?

B. a new job, different career, same city?

C. a new job, same career, different city?

D. a new job, different career, different city?

E. same job, same career, same city?

F. grad school?

3. Is the right person out there?

A.  Sure, but you’ll never meet.

B.  You’ll know him when you see him…

C.  You already gave up on him.

D.  You know him now.

E.  Nope.  Luckily spinsterdom is less stigmatized than it used to be… 😉

4. The energy you give your job is…

A. a sign of your commitment and ambition.

B. a sign of an OCD personality.

C. fine when you’re young but needs to be tempered as you get older.

D.  pretty average for someone in your demographic in NYC.



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2 responses to “High stakes questions

  1. First, I love this post and format!

    Now for my two cents:
    1. A or B. I think blogging becomes ingrained and it’s obviously a good outlet. But picking up some other hobbies/writing topics is a great idea! Don’t be afraid to expand the scope of your blog.

    2. no freaking idea–this is exactly my dilemma too!! thank you for laying it out like that. although it’s kind of daunting in such a big list–so many options!

    3. B. Don’t give up hope!

    4. A and C. Does that make me cynical? Teaching in this city requires so much energy! There’s no way someone could sustain that. Which leads back to question 2–quite possibly another job/city may decrease stress/energy output?

  2. All these high stakes questions, but all the answers are more or less positive, or could be. Predict? Guess? Suggest? I’ll guess:

    A, C, B, and plead the fifth.

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