This sounds really cool…

but I’ll be cooking my little head off that day for a party in the evening.  Still, I hope it’s a success and that it happens again soon, because I would definitely go if the timing were different.  Thanks to the poster who posted it in my comments; I’m posting it here instead so it gets more notice.

EduCamp NYC is a gathering born from the desire by teachers, researchers, and technology specialists in K-12 education to share and learn in an open and powerfully-networked environment. All workshops are scheduled the day they happen, and are lead by conference attendees. Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, run a session, lead a discussion, or help with one, or otherwise volunteer / contribute in some way to support the event. The people present at the event will select the workshops they want to attend. Pre-event planning will take place using the barcamp wiki. The event will be run using Open Space Technology. Conference notes and post-conference teamwork will take place using the curriculum collaboration tool, RSVP at

Event Details:

* When: Saturday, December 1st, 10AM – 4PM, followed by happy hour

* Where: Teachers College, 120th between Broadway and Amsterdam, Rm. 285 Grace Dodge Hall

* Cost: Free, including breakfast and lunch

With Networking and learning opportunities for all!

Veteran teachers:

o Show-off your repertoire.

o Learn new tricks.

o Forge a collaborative curriculum project.

o Feel out new job opportunities with school leaders.

New teachers:

o Connect with mentors in your subject area.

o Find a school that fits.

School leaders:

o Experience a teacher-led model for professional development.

o Build early relationships with new teacher candidates.

Education researchers:

o Present and explore educational theories with practitioners.

o Recruit a subject group.

Education Technology Specialists:

o Pow-wow with others doing cutting-edge work in the Web 2.0 instructional realm.


When you come, be prepared to share with educampers.
When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.



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