We had four teachers out today…

on a staff of 20ish.  One because a family member is seriously ill, another because he got hit by a car this morning (he did more damage to the car than it did to him, but still, he had to go to the hospital to get a few things straightened out), and two for sickness.  That’s a lot of classes to be covered.

In other news, I spotted something I’ve never seen before that I can remember in 8 years in NYC, a truly rare beast: a substitute teacher.  Mind you, this sub had showed up at our school mistakenly and was really on his way to a similarly-named high school, but still!  Get out your binoculars, folks, you won’t see this one every day!  Needless to say, my principal gave him her card.



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2 responses to “We had four teachers out today…

  1. Funny! Well, at least about the sub.

  2. heh. funny.

    i think we actually have a couple substitute teachers at our school, but with a faculty numbering near 100, there are always still coverages for the rest of us. but at least the burden is eased somewhat.

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