Discreet inquiries…

were made into the possibility of filing a grievance over the absurd temperatures in our classrooms. Apparently two more-experienced UFT-peeps advised our guy “never to complain about heat.” As in, the other alternative is to be too cold. As a colleague put it, “Should those be the only choices?” Oh well. There are other fish to fry (and that can easily be done on my radiator).



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4 responses to “Discreet inquiries…

  1. X

    Today our entire floor had no heat, which was actually better than the usual blast. Not that it wasn’t an equally f’ed up temperature…but at least my classroom smelled better.

  2. Your CL can’t refuse to file a grievance requested by a UFT member.

  3. what?! ignore those political bastards and file the grievance! it’s negatively affecting not just you but all of your students. tell that person that even if he thinks you don’t deserve a safe and comfortable learning environment, the children do!

  4. ms. v

    To clarify, our guy isn’t per se against it, he just has been advised that it probably won’t achieve the desired effect. If I pushed forward, he’d do it; he completely agrees that the heat situation is out of control. I don’t really know what would happen next if we DID file it (would they just shut off my radiator?) so I have to take these more experienced people’s opinions as possibly valid.

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