Cool fact of the day…

I’m reading a book about NYC history, The Island at the Center of the World.  It’s really about New Netherlands and the lasting Dutch impact on American culture.  The author claims that because the British took over and US history has been written largely from a British/American perspective, the influence of the Dutch has been overlooked.  So far, I’m finding it fascinating.  But the cool fact of the day?  The Dutch colors of blue & orange were adopted by the city of NY in 1915 in recognition of the historical link – and from there, we get the colors of the Mets and the Knicks!



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4 responses to “Cool fact of the day…

  1. I’m in the middle of this book, too! If you like this book, you should also read Mayflower. Very very interesting!

  2. not to mention the dodgers and the giants 🙂

  3. neat! thank you for sharing–i love learning new things!

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