Fun Question

My friend sent me an email with this question:

What is the most interesting article that you’ve read in the last couple of years?  Something about what’s new and/or emerging in the US – social/demographic trends, crazy ways technology is changing daily life, investment trends, hot TV shows and vacation spots, etc.

Here’s her explanation of why.

California suffers from low levels of voting and civic engagement; persistent deficits; shrinking money to pay for infrastructure, health care, housing, education, social services, etc.; and total political gridlock barring any solutions.  My organization is leading an effort to launch strategic initiatives to change these dynamics, rather than just lurching from one quick-fix ballot initiative to another.  Gathering these articles is one piece of our survey of the landscape to inform our process.

I don’t completely get it, but it definitely sounds like an interesting project.  Thinking about articles to suggest to her was a lot of fun and made me realize that I’d be fascinated to see what other people – whose reading interests are different from mine – would come up with.  So, I’m putting it to you.  If you can link to the article, awesome.  If not, describe it in as much detail as possible so it’s searchable.

(Most of the articles I suggested to her have already been linked here, otherwise I’d share my answer).


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