Somehow I think

that taking oneself too seriously is not an easy thing to change. Nor would I necessarily feel like myself if I did! But not taking things personally is a lot easier.

This blogging business is a tricky one-way-street at times, giving people a window into your life while not necessarily getting any kind of glimpse of theirs.  And then inviting comments.

It’s been a long and incredibly good weekend, filled with music – rock & roll last night in addition to the concert on Friday – and friendship and good food and adventures in new neighborhoods and introspection and rest (though not enough of that). Now I’ve got to get to grading comic strips about pulleys.

BTW, I noticed recently some comments getting routed to spam, which I rarely check because Akismet does a good job most of the time.  So if you post and nothing comes up, that’s probably the case.  Also, you have to get your comment approved the first time you post, so it won’t show up right away.


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