Went to a little birthday gathering

for a friend whom I originally met because of our blogs. Now it’s been long enough that I don’t think about that much. Also there were others whom she met through blogging or through flickr groups. Lots of chatter about kids and tripods that bend and wrap around stuff and a little friendly pressure to join 365, the flickr group that takes a self-portrait a day for a year (or more). I almost never take pictures of myself, so this sounds hard… but the group does sound nice.

In the weird coincidence of the week, we mentioned our walk down Broadway of the week before, and she said she knew someone else who’d done that the weekend before… and of course it turned out that she’d recently met one of my friends who walked with us! New York is in no way, shape, or form a small town; lately I have been thinking a lot about people I knew for a period of time and then have never seen again, and am quite unlikely to run into by accident, despite all the shared interests and whatnot. But it does happen on occasion, the overlapping bits of our circles bringing us together in unexpected ways.

It seems like everyone I know who lives here is contemplating leaving at the end of this year, and it feels more serious than it has in the past. Some are moving for new jobs and to settle down somewhere quieter to start families, others are applying to grad school, others have never liked it here that much anyway… it is reviving my long-buried (but never deeply) thoughts about moving back to California. I promised myself last year that what with mounting inertia towards staying in NYC, I should at least begin to investigate the hoops I’d have to jump through if I did want to teach in CA. All I’ve found so far is a rather opaque document that is so full of if…then… statements it makes my head spin. I don’t know if I fill your basic skills requirement! God, I’d hope so, but you never know… but as I do this research I realize all that I have invested in NYC… I mean, I sort of understand how the NYC school system works – which feels like an accomplishment all by itself, leaving aside contacts I’ve made here, blog-notoriety (limited and double-edged as that may be), and of course, starting a school and wanting to leave only when it has become something sustainable because that’s when I think a leader has done her work and can walk away.



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2 responses to “Went to a little birthday gathering

  1. Nicole

    Come to California!

  2. Hi, friend! 🙂 Thanks again for coming to hang out. And for the fun book (think of all the neat pictures it will inspire!!), and for being a good friend all this time!

    It’s funny that now you’re thinking of leaving–I was trying to be inspired by you about staying in NYC! You’re firmly established here and seem to love it. So do you not love it? And where in CA are you thinking about?

    …see? The West, it calls!

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