Here I am at dusk on a Friday,

trudging across the bridge that separates the Bronx from Manhattan because all I could see from the windows of the bus were cars in all directions, waiting to enter the city or cross the GW Bridge.  The sun was piercing a raft of clouds, turning everything in the sky to the south shades of silver.  Beyond that, blue sky for a few more minutes before dark.

The days of 100+ temperatures in my classroom have started.  I throw all the windows open at the top and bottom, turn on the fan, and the room cools, but not enough.  Mine is not the only room like this but one of the worst.  It doesn’t seem to matter which classroom I’m in, it is never comfortable.  Contemplating taking some action of a kind that hasn’t been tried yet (though nearly was a few years ago).  The kids want to wear their sweatshirts because sweatshirts with patterns on them are cool and they want to show off – but in the same breath they complain about the heat.  I wish I could wear summer clothes all year round but it’s the season for sleeves and sweaters and I am suffocating in this classroom.


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