It never changes…

the Sunday-night, back-to-work-blues don’t get any easier. I have some strategies for easing them, and enough confidence in and enjoyment of my work to sometimes avoid the feeling altogether, but when they hit, they hit. It’s the cold weather, it’s a persistent feeling that something is missing, it’s the shorter hours of sunshine, it’s the weekend so full that nothing feels finished. It’s world-weariness. It’s Sunday night, and the only solution is to go to bed and wake up new on Monday. Day by day, minute by minute. But when do we get a long weekend?



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3 responses to “It never changes…

  1. Well, next weekend will be 1 hour longer, though that may not have been what you had in mind. 😉

    Do you get Veterans’ day?

  2. Next week we work Monday, and then are professionally developed on Tuesday. The week after that we have Veterans’ Day off on Monday. And the week after that they let us have Thursday and Friday off.

    Followed by four 5-day weeks.

  3. Sunset on Sunday is, undoubetdly, the saddest day of the week. So, so, sad.

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