I will confess to being a little bit irritated….

to return after a year away and find that the teachers who used my classroom can’t tell me where the LEGOs are in any systematic sort of way, that it is students who remember that half of what we can’t find is stowed away in drawers intended for lab-ware (and labeled as such), that all our motors have vanished off the face of the earth ($70-something to replace), that mixed in with the LEGOs are pieces of pulley apparatus (which I don’t actually need this year but they didn’t know that!), garbage, modeling clay, etc., that several pieces look like they’ve been chewed on, one RCX is missing a front panel (later found, but will it work?), and on and on. I’m not a paragon of neatness, but I know the value of the materials we have and I try my damnedest to teach the kids to care for our precious resources. Call me a snob, but when I find modeling clay gumming up my LEGOs, some questions about one’s effectiveness at classroom management pop into my head…



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One response to “I will confess to being a little bit irritated….

  1. I believe Thomas Wolfe write a book with a title apropos your situtation: You Can’t Go Home Again. It’s never the same when you go back. Just look at all that modeling clay in the LEGOs!

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