Are people at your school talking about the new deal cut between the UFT and the city of NY, the bonus plan & 25/55 plan?  What percent of teachers would you say are aware of it?  What percent know anything about the details?



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2 responses to “Buzz?

  1. tj

    Most of the teachers know- I think some are pleased with the 25/55 plan. I personally am, even though I may have to start contributing again, because I’d otherwise have to work till I was 62.

    No one in my school is pleased about the merit pay plan. I am not pleased about it either, but it does not seem like we can do much about it.

  2. Ditto. I passed out copies of the agreement at my chapter meetings last week.

    The merit pay was poorly received, but with grumbles, not shouts, as I explained that the deal was done before I even received the paper. To be fair, our school will not be part of it.

    There was more positive interest in the 25/55, but few of my members are likely to opt in (age/years are wrong, or not planning to remain in the system long enough.

    A DR or a rep from central is supposed to be making the rounds soon to explain the stuff.

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